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Want to play a prank on your friend. Take a look at the products below and call us to order today.

Prank Candies

Candies Which Will Turn Your Mouth Bloody Red, Black, Blue, Chilly Candies ,Bitter Candies Winking Candies Or Make Your Mouth Stink.
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Prank Powders

Inching Powder, Burping Powder, Fart Powder, Gel Drink, Chilly Orange Drink, Dirty Face Soap Or Black Soap Which Will Make Your Face Black Or Blood Capsules Which When Bitten Will Ooze Blood From Your Mouth.

Shock Items

Shock Items When You Click A Pen It Will Give You A Shock Of Your Life. Similarly You Can Buy  Shock I Pod, Shock Chewing Gum, Lighter,  Shock Hand Shaker, Shock Gun  And Many  More Shocking Items.
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Smelly Pranks

Smelly Items Fart Bombs Which You Press And Throw Any Place Will Make  That Place Smell Very Bad. Also Available Is Fart Spray Perfume Fart Smell Tissue Etc.
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Jack In The Box

Jack in the Box Dare To Open This Wooden Box  And See The Ghost Startle You With Horror Sounds And Eyes Light Up.
Dare Somebody To Open This Box Of Potato Chips Which Will Spring Out A Surprise On Them.
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Farting Cushion

Farting Cushions Make Your Victims Sit On This Cushion To Embarrass Them With A Loud Fart.
Noise Fart Putty : Put Your Fingers In These Putty To Make Farting Noises.
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Squirt Toys

Squirt Toys Available Are Squirt Cigarettes, Flower, A Toilet Which Squirts Water When The Lid Is Lifted Or A Naughty Boy Which Squirts When His Door Is Opened .

Fake Smoking Cigarettes

Fake Smoking Toys Just Blow Into These Real Looking Cigs Which Will Emit Fake Smoke And Make People Around You Into Believing That You Smoke.
Also Available In This Category Are Fake Cigar And Smoking Pipe.

Fake Shit

Fake Shit Just Keep Any One Of These Real Looking Poo Around Your Home , Bathroom , Or Public Place And Watch The People Look At It In Disgust And Cover Their Noses


Prank Slimes Different Types Of Slimes Such As Fake Vomit Slime, Mucous Slime,  Shit Slime, Galaxy Slime, Pirate Slime, And Glow Slime.

Sticky Animal Toys

Sticky Animals Throw These On A Glass Or Smooth Surface And See Them Splat And Come Back To The Normal Shape Instantly. Sticky Rat , Spider, Snake, Bat, Lion, Cut Hand Etc.

Magic Ink

Invisble Ink

Disappearing Ink  When Thrown On Clothes Vanishes In About 2 Mins

Invisible Pen : Write Secret Messages With This Pen Which Can Be Read Only Under A Special Light And Not Visible To Others.

Cat In The Bag

Cat in the bag When You Clap The Bag Starts To Shake And A Cat Starts To Meow, Meow

Nail Through Finger

Nail Through Finger Wear This On Your Finger To Show Your Friend That A Nail Has Passed Your Finger.

Squish Squash : Squash it out...

Black Eye

Black Eye

Tell Your Friend To Look Into This Tube  To Make Their Eye Black As If Some Body Has Boxed Them

Broken Window

Broken Window Put This Sticker On Spectacles Or A Small Glass To Give The Illusion Of Broken Glass.

Car Scratch

Car Scratch

Put This Sticker On Your Victims Car  And Watch Them Wondering Who Has Scratched Their Car.

Boxing Pen

Boxing Pens Gift Anyone This Pen Which Boxes And many more Items like Eyes Light Up Of Skeletons , Pumpkins, Spiderman , Witches, Smiley Faces etc...

Fake Bandages

Fake Hand Plaster, Head Plaster, Horror Finger Which Will Make People Think That You Have Hurt Yourself.

Cockroach Tricks

Cockroach Tricks

Fake Cockroaches Which Look Real And Can Scare The Daylights Of Many.

Snap Cockroach : Offer Your Victims This Chewing Gum Which Will Make Them Scream As A Roach Lands On Their Thumb .

Fake Knife

Fake Knife Fake Knife In which The Blade Retracts When You Stab Anyone With It.
Also Comes With Fake Blood For Real Effect

Rattlesnake Magnets

Throw These Magnets In The Air And They Will Make A Rattling Sound

Stress Buster

Press This Face To Relieve Your Anger.

Disappearing Ink

Through an Ink on your friends shirt and watch it disappear as he starts complaining.

Mischief Gun

Shoot out a Slogan Flag from a Gun.

Mischief Kit

A Full set of michief stuffs to play a prank on your friend.

Cockroach Candy

Give your friends a taste of some cockroach candy.

Nerd Glasses

Glasses which gives you a nerd look.

Vampire Syringe

Scare your friends when you inject and pull out some blood with the Vampire Syringe.

Horror Finger

Put on a Horror Finger on your hands and watch your friends scream.

Squirt Watch

Show off your new Squirting Watch to your friends.

Booze Detector

The Glass rod dectects which word contains alcohol.