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Party Items

Want your party to rock..want people to always remember your party? are come to the right from the wide range of party items and rock your party....if your still confused don't hesitate to call us...


Party Balloons Metallic Colors, Mix Colors, Single Colors, Happy Birth Day Printed Balloons, Wedding Balloons, Anniversary  Balloons , Foil Balloons with Cartoon Pictures and many more..Visit our store today...

Party Poppers

Party Poppers Twist These Poppers And Pop Out Glitter, Confetti, Dollar Bills ,  1000 Rupee Notes , Rose Petals, Etc. Suitable For Any Occasion...


Whistles Which Are Noise Makers For Any Party Or
Whistles Which Blow Out Paper Rolls.

Birthday Party Caps

Cartoon Printed Caps with Frills, Glitter Foil, Round and Pointed And Different Colors Etc.

Spray Cans

Spray Cans Snow Spray Cans In Normal and Large Sizes, Ribbon Spray Cans, Temporary Hair Color Sprays, And Permanent Spray Paint Cans In Many Colors


Happy Birthday and Party Banners in Different Styles for All Parties


Candles Magical Candles Which Relight When Blown, Sparkling Candles , Fountain  Sparkling Candles, Birthday Boy, Birthday Girl, And Musical Flower Candles.

Paper Costumes

Paper Masks Paper Eye Costumes in Glitter, Foil Etc.
Full Face Paper Costumes Like Animals, Clowns Etc.

Theme Party

Theme party which would have themed Paper Plates, Banners , Glasses , Cartoon Themes etc..

Glow Items

Glow Items

Glow Sticks, Glow Bracelets, Glow Caps, Earrings, Specs in All Colors.

Misc Items

Air Horns , Vu Vu Zelas , Hooters Air Pressure Horns In Gas and Permanent, VuVu Zelas, Hooters In Many Sizes For Matches, Parties And Outdoor Functions